Five Predictions on Software-based on the network principle in The Newest Year

October 3, 2019 at 1:18 am

Five Predictions on Software-based on the network principle in The Newest Year

Most large operators choose this scheme of work. For example, you open your casino and want to fill its lobby with a variety of games. You apply to Playtech, Microgaming or NetEnt with a request to send the commercial offers on the integration of their games on your site. What will we see in them?

You need to pay a fee only once in the amount from €5000 to €25000 for the integration of a software complex operating on a network principle. Next, you will pay monthly a percentage of the losses of all your players (loss after deduction of winnings). At the same time, the network mainly makes the jackpot payments. As a rule, the best casinos choose exactly this scheme of work.

In this scheme of work, you will not be able the settings percentages of payments, the speed of cycles and the total percentage of return of the made bets, both of each of the slots separately, and of the software as a whole. What is important for players when choosing the best casino? The casino owner cannot influence the settings of the software that is established on his site, no matter how greedy he was. The only thing that can be a trap it is in the hidden rules (terms and conditions) and the bonus policy of the casino house.

Each of the providers relates to the reputation of their licensees in different ways. Someone makes the appearance of those violations of the rules and refusals to pay to players do not concern them (for example, Microgaming), someone is neutral (Playtech), and someone is very worried about the various incidents and misunderstandings that can damage the reputation of the network as a whole (as Net Entertainment).

Another group of quite the prevalent mutual settlements between the software producers and owners of the casino houses is the full ransom of a package of games for a lump sum payment, without the subsequent payments from players’ losses.

As a rule, these programs are much lower quality than the packages of the previous group’s program. In this package, the programs to update or add the new quality games are extremely rare, as producers have no financial interest in the long-term support of their projects. It is much more profitable for them to create a new package and sell it as a separate product, once again receiving a full price for it.

After as the owner of the site has purchased a software package with a one-time payment, all fine settings of games and all software, on the whole, become available to him. What is important to know for the player choosing the best casino: if you hit the casino that does not represent a large network, but is closed on oneself and has its own or purchased software, then you should be careful. The leadership has a real opportunity to change the settings and percentages of payments of any games and the individual gaming accounts. In our opinion, it is better to abstain from playing in such casino houses.

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